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Our company is constantly engaged in the development of one of its leading areas of activity - clothing manufacture. We are constantly expanding the range of products that are produced in our sewing department. Nowadays we are taking orders for production of various onstage dresses and actor’s toggery that will be used in theaters, amateur auditions, and performances of creative groups. Costumes are made in accordance with client’s preferences in different colors, sizes and with a variety of fabrics.

One of the main types of suits, which is engaged in tailoring of our company - is a folk costume. Our experts have carefully studied all features of the Ukrainian national clothes. Ukrainian embroidery and fascinating techniques allow us to produce authentic Ukrainian traditional clothes that fully represent Ukrainian nation and our peculiar characteristics. Embroidery is one of the main peculiarities that help to turn an ordinary costume into marvelous clothes.

As a rule, various art groups, dance troupes and folk bands are interested in this type of clothes. While making such costumes, local and traditional aspects and peculiarities are taken into consideration in order to create truly authentic product. It should be noted that Ukrainian costumes of Bukovina, Western and Eastern Carpathians, Lviv, Chernihiv, Kyiv, Poltava, and Podolia are having some significant differences. Accordingly, embroidery in these regions is also very different in color and pictures.

Our specialists have mastered traditional embroidery of Podolia region which is significant for our location. While making the design we are trying to underline costume’s exclusiveness and authenticity. Our designers will create an exclusive project for your costume so you can be absolutely sure that its one of a kind. Theatrical toggery is a separate type of costumes that is also made in our company. If you are interested in fascinating extraordinary outfits – we are ready to work it out.

If you are eager to make an order our sales-mangers will provide you with all necessary information. Feel free to contact us in case you need additional information. Order value depends on the complexity of implementation that includes: material, project making, embroidery, level of complexity. When ordering embroidery you may provide us with the desirable image that will be transformed with the help of software. In case you do not have the embroidery project, our designers will make it for you on the basis of your preferences.

Modern equipment is capable of applying high quality logos and designs on any type of fabric. Our company encourages constant and wholesale buyers. Special discount system and the most favorable prices.

(096) 807-08-08

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