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Sandwich forks

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Sandwich forks
Sandwich forks
Sandwich forks
Sandwich forks
Sandwich forks
Sandwich forks
Code P088
Length 100(mm)
Width 5(mm)
Weight 1(g)

Do you wish to have a drink? But this means that you need to prepare a lot of small cold snacks, canape and various sandwiches, which should not only be tasty but also beautiful. A plastic multi-colored sandwich fork is a must-have attribute on a cocktail party.

The buffet table this casual atmosphere and light snack menu drinks, mini-dishes and desserts. Of course, food should not stain hands, and not be burdened with forks and spoons. Therefore thin, light sandwich forks became an ideal option for such a banquet. Appetizers on the curly sandwich fork are very convenient to eat. Thin forks can be planted ready-made meat or seafood, cheese, vegetables, and mushrooms. Such multi-level sandwiches are ideal for biting different alcoholic beverages. For example, a glass of champagne is perfect for a fruit canape, it is appropriate to serve vodka with a canape with olives or with fish, or canape with shrimps. To aromatic cognac canape with caviar.

A sandwich fork is an excellent decoration for a festive table. Such a thing has become extremely popular in many restaurants while serving on the principle of a buffet. Light snacks on a beautiful thin fork - it's fast, convenient and effective.

Recently, a buffet table is widely used for servicing participants in negotiations, conferences, meetings and symposiums.

The firm "Med" offers ecologically safe, beautiful and strong sandwich forks. We produce forks for sandwiches on modern automated equipment from high-quality food plastic. Plastic sandwich fork meets sanitary and hygienic standards, has the necessary permits and a quality passport.

Sandwich forks for use for their intended purpose do not break and do not crack they have excellent elasticity and strength.

You can buy sandwich forks in the city's branded shops.

A sandwich fork made by Honey will make your mini-dishes bright, original and mouth-watering.

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