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Men’s T-shirts in assortment are produced in our sewing room. Nowadays printed T-shirts are in great demand due to their appearance and design. There are various types of printed T-Shirts: tourist, concert and art T-shirts. They are durable and versatile garments with mass appeal that can be worn both as underwear and outerwear on daily basis. Whether you go to work of for a walk you will comfortable.

T-Shirts are used as an effective promotional item that helps to popularize company and its services. As a rule T-shirts are produced in branded colors. They are widely used as a uniform during summer time. Your employees will not only feel comfortable but will promote company at the same time. How to make an original T-shirt? The answer is simple – silk screen printing. It is the most effective and simple way to create an original product with no efforts. Our company offers T-shirts of any kind. They may be simple, with or without collar, with buttons, logo, images etc. Qualified specialist and designers will create an incredible project that will underline your integrity.

Men like T-shirts. Vast majority of men are even fond of them especially during summer. It is really comfortable and light clothes that suits practically with everything: jeans, shorts, trousers etc. One can choose any T-shirt he likes. Sleeveless, short or long, with pockets and decorative trims. Printed men T-shirts are in great demand concerning the fact they may include humor, art, sports and political slogans as well as famous places or people. This kind of T-shirt will attract attention for sure besides they are not necessarily expensive. .

We are producing T-shirts using silk screen printing and machine embroidery. These methods are an excellent opportunity to create a one of a kind design. We take your T-shirt printing design and create customized T-shirts for your company, sports team, club or any other type of organization. If you need to print other items in addition to your T-shirts we can embroider and screen print such products as baseball caps, jackets, uniforms, sports bags and much more.

(096) 807-08-08

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