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Cognac’s cork

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Cognac’s cork
Cognac’s cork
Cognac’s cork
Cognac’s cork
Cognac’s cork
Cognac’s cork
Cognac’s cork
Cognac’s cork
Code K157
Diameter 24(mm)
Height 20(mm)
Weight 1.5(g)

Cognac’s cork, plastic, in recent years, is widely used in almost all the civilized world. Such synthetic cork securely retains the flavors and freshness readily achievable beverages that are drunk within one year. Plastic plugs never lead to such phenomena as, for example, "cork disease", oxidation, and reduction of the flow of cognac, which is their obvious advantage. Cork cognac for a long time retains its firmness and elasticity, so the tube will not shrink and not impregnated with a drink.

The plastic plug is effective in reducing the risk of leakage of air, and also makes it easy, without using a corkscrew to open a bottle and then again quickly clog it. Due to such a bottle stopper can be stored upright.

Firm "MED" produces custom plastic cognac cork. We produce cork in modern automated equipment, hygienic, high-quality polypropylene, according to all euro standards. The material used is chemically neutral, so the cork cognac production firm "MED" is suitable for contact with food and is absolutely safe for human health. We have the necessary sanitary-hygienic and appropriate quality passports.

Cognac’s cork from food grade plastic has a number of positive characteristics, including:

  • stored for a long time;
  • hermetically seals the bottle;
  • it provides the necessary characteristics of strength and flexibility;
  • when capping is not dusty and not crumble;
  • it is not subject to the influence of moisture;
  • not shrink;
  • it does not affect the flavor and aromatic qualities of brandy;
  • it does not interact with the environment.

Regular customers, we offer favorable conditions for cooperation.

Order plastic cognac cork can have wholesale company managers "MED", at the contact numbers listed on the site.

We accept orders in writing, by e-mail.

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