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Mat for sink

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Mat for sink
Mat for sink
Mat for sink
Mat for sink
Mat for sink
Mat for sink
Mat for sink
Mat for sink
Code D108
Length 316(mm)
Width 246(mm)
Height 6(mm)
Weight 73(g)

Are you tired of water splashing out of the kitchen faucet and a loud knock on the bottom of the shell dishes? Mat for sink will help to cope with these unpleasant sensations.

The firm "MED" offers manufacturing services and the implementation of high-quality carpets for cleaning. We make mats for a sink of high-quality food grade plastic. Mat for sink it's simple, but at the same time must have for every modern housewife. Mats are designed to protect the washing utensils and the sink from damage when washing dishes, as well as to prevent splashing of running water. Use mats provided as a substrate for the shell, as well as the role of the stand to dry clean utensils and various kitchen appliances.

Mat for sink made by company "MED" has a number of positive characteristics:

  • environmental friendliness, safety for human health;
  • durability;
  • it prevents the dishes from the beating;
  • the shell protects from scratches;
  • it softens the water stream pouring into the sink;
  • drops of water flow down quickly enough and not going under the carpet;
  • it does not corrode;
  • non-slip, easy to bend;
  • does not react with chemicals (saline, fats, acids, etc...);
  • resistance to temperature resistant fused hot water in the sink;
  • resistance to stains and scratches;
  • it does not require special care clean with a sponge soaked in dishwashing liquid;
  • the possibility of washing in the dishwasher;
  • the ability to choose the color of the carpet the color of countertops;
  • suitable for most modern sinks

Mat for the sink, complementing your kitchen utensils, serve as an excellent decoration in your kitchen.

Mat for a sink made by the firm "MED" can be purchased in retail stores of the city, or to order the managers of our company, contact phone numbers listed on the site. We accept orders by e-mail.

All products of plastic have appropriate quality passports and sanitary-hygienic conclusions.

Permanent and wholesale buyers offer advantageous and convenient payment system.

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