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Funnel Ø 117 mm

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Price: 8,00 грн.
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Funnel Ø 117 mm
Code D100
Diameter 117.0 mm
Width 138.0 mm
Height 138.0 mm
Weight 36(g)

A funnel is a convenient tool for the transfusion of various liquids and soft materials oversleeping, which serves mankind since ancient times.

Kitchenware made of plastic, have recently become very popular among housewives. The main criteria for selection were the ease, safety, and durability of products.

The firm "MED" is a manufacturer of plastic household products, home furnishings, and other business products. We offer custom-made: Plastic buckets, basins, lids, pots, soap dishes, funnels, scoops, boxes, etc. The company has "MED" offers the manufacturing of plastic funnels on request. We make a funnel from environmentally friendly, harmless to human health materials quality polymers.

We sell plastic funnel these options:

  • small funnel;
  • large funnel;
  • funnel production firm "MED" has the necessary quality passports, all the certificates, licenses, and permits, confirming the suitability of the product contact with food. Quality control for plastic products is made at each stage of the production process.

The plastic funnel has a large number of advantages:

  • easy to operate;
  • environmental cleanliness;
  • lightweight and durable;
  • a large amount;
  • high resistance to various chemical influences fats, acids and so forth.
  • falling is not fragile and does not break;
  • resistance to high temperatures;
  • the existence of a special opening that allows you to hang the funnel on a hook on the wall;
  • offers in different colors.
  • affordable price

Plastic funnel much easier your everyday worries and will make the process of transfusion of various liquids more neat and convenient.

Buy a plastic funnel can be in the warehouses of the company "MED" or in our company stores.

We accept wholesale orders in writing, sent by e-mail, as well as the phone numbers listed on the site. We offer excellent quality at the best prices. Sell ​​orders in a specified time. For regular customers, there are favorable conditions for cooperation.

For more information, contact the company's managers "MED"

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