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Price: 3,00 грн.
Code D113
Length 163(mm)
Width 45(mm)
Height 11(mm)
Weight 8(g)

Shoehorn a device in the form of a small, curved, semi-circular blades, which helps to wear closed shoes without bending her heel portion.

To avoid deformation of the backdrop when equipped shoe firm "MED" recommends the use of a special shoe horn.

We offer custom manufacturing service and sales shoehorn of high-quality plastic. We produce presented horns on modern, automated technologies, in accordance with all requirements of the quality standards of the euro.

Plastic shoehorn has a smooth surface and has high mechanical properties excellent strength and flexibility of the material.

Comfortable and lightweight plastic shoehorn with an eye for hanging - it is a necessary attribute of daily repeated use.

Shoehorn firm "MED" of production is characterized by a number of positive properties:

  • practical to use;
  • thin and robust;
  • compact form;
  • on the handle has a hole for the horn which can be hung in the hallway for storage;
  • it is suitable for all types of shoes;
  • it allows you to permanently preserve the shape of the shoe is in excellent condition;
  • it combines functionality and aesthetic perfection;
  • we offer an opportunity to the development and application of the logo;
  • on request manufacture shoehorns in any color scheme;
  • low cost.

We accept orders for the implementation of bulk products are favorable conditions for cooperation.

To order and cost, please contact the managers of the company "MED" on these contact numbers on the website.

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