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Trading racks (domestic)

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Trading racks (domestic)
Trading racks (domestic)
Code D090
Height 175(сm)
Width 80(сm)
Depth 40(сm)

Trading rack (domestic) is a modern and very functional item of commercial and home furniture.

Trading rack (domestic) can be used as shelves, however, due to the lack of walls in the construction they are more practical and occupy less space.

In domestic, commercial and office conditions, trading rack (domestic) can also perform an additional role partitions, dividing the room into several zones.

Trading rack (domestic) have mobile structure, which, if necessary, can be folded in a minute. The company "Med" manufactures plastic racks, which gives this type of furniture a number of advantages, including low cost, light weight, simple installation and dismantling, strength, durability, and durability.

Raw materials for the production of the rack are high-quality varieties of polypropylene and special additives (plasticizers, fillers, dyes, etc.), giving the products such properties as strength, resistance to external factors, the required color.

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