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Butter dish

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Butter dish
Butter dish
Butter dish
Butter dish
Butter dish
Butter dish
Butter dish
Butter dish
Code P083
Length 138.0 (mm)
Width 87.5 (mm)
Height 47.0 (mm)
Weight 65(g)

The butter dish is a necessary and useful product for every person. In order not to lose all of its benefits when storing, it is not recommended to store butter in a plastic bag so it gets an unpleasant foreign taste and spoils faster.

The firm "Med" offers to use special utensils for butter.

We offer custom-made services for the manufacture and sale of utensils for the storage of butter. We produce plastic butter dish, with the strictest quality control, on modern high-tech equipment. The plastic butter dish produced by the company "Med" is absolutely harmless to human health. The prepared utensils for butter have the necessary sanitary and hygienic conclusions, which indicate the suitability of the products for contact with food.

Utensils for butter a practical kitchen accessory, designed to store butter in the refrigerator.

The design of the plastic butter dish consists of two parts a serving dish with low sides and a convex, tightly fitting transparent cover. The flat side of the buttercup tray perfectly accommodates the standard packaging of butter 250 g.

Thanks to the presented butter dish butter retain for a long time its original freshness and natural flavor. The proofs of the lid help protect the butter from the smells of other products and the airing.

The utensils for butter are made of high-quality food grade, non-toxic polypropylene, the color of which can be performed in any color solution, due to which the butter dish will become not only an irreplaceable object of kitchen life but also an excellent addition to the interior of the kitchen.

The durability and reliability of the material ensure a long service life.

The butter dish is great for washing in a dishwasher.

You can buy utensils for butter in the specialized shops of the firm "Med".

To order utensils for butter wholesale can be from the managers of our company, by contact phone numbers.

We offer specially favorable conditions for cooperation to wholesale and regular customers, as well as a convenient payment system.

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