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Grid for washing

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Grid for washing
Grid for washing
Grid for washing
Grid for washing
Grid for washing
Grid for washing
Grid for washing
Grid for washing
Code D107
Diameter 62(mm)
Height 15(mm)
Weight 4(g)

During cooking almost all housewives washed and cleaned in a sink of fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, clean the remnants of contaminated food utensils, so the kitchen drains easily and often clog. In order to prevent this clogging, the company "MED" advises putting a special net for washing.

Grid for washing is designed to be installed in the drainer sink to prevent clogging of sewer pipes and items from falling into the drain.

The firm "MED" offers to the manufacturing of grid services for washing of food grade plastic. In the production, we use high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe material polypropylene.

Grid for cleaning firm "MED" of production is characterized by a number of positive properties:

  • prevent clogging of the siphon;
  • picks up dirt and remnants of food in the sink and bath;
  • environmental and safety;
  • suitability for contact with food;
  • it does not deform at high and low temperatures;
  • in contact with a hot liquid does not produce toxins;
  • do not react with the chemicals (solvents, acids, fats, salt solutions, etc.);
  • it does not rust;
  • cheapness;
  • possibility to order in any color scheme

Grid for washing, ideal for your everyday use and will become an indispensable accessory for your sink.

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All made plastic products have the necessary passport quality and meet sanitary requirements.

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