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Flesh brush

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Flesh brush
Flesh brush
Flesh brush
Flesh brush
Flesh brush
Flesh brush
Flesh brush
Flesh brush
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If you want to make your state of health was excellent, and the body healthy, firm "MED" offers to purchase a special massage brush, through which your skin will always look rejuvenated and healthy.

Massage brush is a versatile tool that deeply massages the body, effectively cleaning the skin and eliminating the appearance of cellulite. If we apply this brush with gel or soap in the shower it will produce excellent peeling (exfoliating massage the skin). Massage brush glides on lathered body, removing dead skin particles. After this procedure, your body will be felt supple and smooth, and your heels and knees will be gentle as a child.

Firm "MED" offers production and sale of plastic massage brush on the most appropriate and advantageous prices. We produce massage brushes, all the necessary standards of environmentally friendly, totally safe for human health - quality polymer, which ensures the production of these products with high mechanical and technical characteristics.

Massage brush manufacturing by the firm "MED" has a number of advantages:

  • perfectly refreshing and well-toned body;
  • restores the respiratory function of the skin;
  • removes dead skin from the surface of the cell;
  • safety and environmental protection;
  • durable in use;
  • it is equipped with a strap for hands, which is regulated;
  • hypoallergenic does not emit harmful substances;
  • comfortable shape and grade;
  • in order to be sterilized boiling water treatment;
  • it resists corrosion and decay;
  • in practical use;
  • convenient to take a trip;
  • is multifunctional;
  • durable and lightweight;
  • presentable appearance;
  • low price

We produce massage brush in any color palette, according to customer's request.

Massage brush can be purchased in specialized shops of the company "MED" or order the management of our company, the telephone numbers listed on the site. We accept orders in writing, by e-mail.

Regular customers, we offer favorable conditions for cooperation.

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