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Fly swat

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Fly swat
Fly swat
Fly swat
Fly swat
Fly swat
Fly swat
Fly swat
Fly swat
Fly swat
Fly swat
Code D110
Length 600.0 mm
Width 170.0 mm
Thickness 80.0 mm
Weight 27.0 g

Fly swat is a plastic tool with a long handle, which is used to mechanically destroy or repel flies, mosquitoes, and other flying / crawling insects.

The firm "MED" offers manufacturing and marketing services fly swatter to order. We produce swatter from high-quality flexible plastic, according to all euro standards of environmental safety.

  • plastic fly swatter company "MED" the production has a number of positive characteristics.
  • effectively repels insects and destroys;
  • flexible and resilient;
  • practical and easy;
  • safe and non-toxic;
  • on the handle has a hole for threading lace;
  • It has a high resistance to external factors rainfall, ultraviolet rays, etc.;
  • comfortable grip is integral with the main part of the fly swatter;
  • implement in any color;
  • low cost.

Buy fly swatter and other household products firm "MED" produced at an affordable price can be in retail stores of the city.

If you want to order a fly swatter in bulk, please contact our office. For booking and payment are communicating with "MED" of the company manager, said on the phone numbers online. Permanent and wholesale customers to offer special conditions of cooperation.

We offer high-quality plastic products for the best prices.

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